The resources included in this Parent Workshop Kit have been designed specifically with the Parent Workshop’s goals in mind. These signing resources help make signing fun and easy at home! They include the following:

  • The Baby Signs® Board Book - Time to Eat! 
  • Your baby will love the beautiful photos of signing babies, the unique "peek-through" cover and the point-and-sign review page at the end of the book for even more interaction and signing fun. The Baby Signs board books are Spanish inclusive - the Spanish word for the sign appears on each page and written descriptions of all 10 signs are included on the back cover. Time To Eat! features 10 signs: Eat, Drink, More, Milk, Cereal, Cheese, Cracker, Please, Thank You and All Done
  • My Playtime Signs DVD designed to directly teach babies the signs for CAR, BOOK, BALL, BUBBLES, SWING, and HAT.
  • Baby Smarts Activity Cards - Breakthrough research shows that early experiences during the first years of life profoundly influence your child’s intelligence and creativity. Unlike other “super baby” flashcards, the ideas in this deck are designed to naturally nourish you baby’s learning skills and curiosity in the world. Each card targets one of the following essential skills:
    • problem
    • solving
    • reading
    • language and speech
    • mathematical thinking
    • memory
    • creative thinking

    Ideal for busy parents, these cards are quick to read and will fill you and your baby’s days with joy and discovery.
  • The Signs at a Glance Flipp Guide featuring 86 signs and many helpful signing tips.
  • A Baby Signs® Sampler DVD This short DVD is sneak preview of our great DVD’s featuring BeeBo, the Baby Signs® bear puppet and real babies signing. This sampler features the signs MILK and BATH.                                     

Parent Workshop Kit


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