Meet Mrs. Sarah and BeeBo®

Hi Friends,


My name is Sarah and like many of you I am a Mom who loves her kids unconditionally and would do almost anything to keep them happy and healthy.  The first time I ever heard about Baby Signs® was after I had my son, Levi.  Before then I had heard rumors about babies signing to communicate their needs and emotions but it wasn’t until I actually had a screaming crying child that I thought maybe this can really help.  After taking Levi to Sign, Say, and Play class for months and working with him at home he finally signed his first sign, BUBBLES!! I was so excited I just kept blowing more and more bubbles just to keep of the communication connection.  From that day his sign vocabulary just grew and grew until he started talking.  It wasn’t until my family moved to Pollock Pines and I was pregnant with my daughter, Emma, that I started looking for baby sign classes again.  When I saw that this new community was missing such an amazing program I decided to fill the need by becoming an Independent Certified Instructor for the Baby Signs® Program. 

I also have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family and Consumer Science from Sacramento State and have worked with children in many different aspects of my life.  I love seeing their wheels turn, their curiosity in this new world around them, and their desire to communicate with people around them.

I am so excited to have this opportunity to share the Baby Signs® Program with all of you, parents and caregivers, because it is something I truly believe will benefit your life and the life of your child in the same way it has benefited mine.


I hope to Sign, Say, and Play™ with all you soon!!


Sarah Vollman

Independent Certified Instructor

Baby Signs® Program

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